Peek Inside the Books...

Princess-Engineer Ashley

and the Plane Trip 

Princess-Engineer Ashley takes an imaginary plane trip across her home to see her grandmother

Princess-Entrepreneur Kristin

and the New Idea! 

Princess-Entrepreneur Kristin faces a problem and comes up with an entrepreneurial solution.

Princess-Veterinarian Beatrice

and the Wounded Pony 

Princess-Veterinarian Beatrice takes her pony to see a waterfall, and rescues the pony from injury. 

Princess-Astronomer Lily and the North Star 

Princess-Astronomer Lily uses the night stars to find her way.

Princess-Chemist Amy and the Penny Experiment

Princess-Chemist Amy designs an experiment to teach her sister about acids and bases. 

Princess-Paleontologist Rachel and the Underground Discovery

Princess-Paleontologist Rachel goes on a quest for fossils and makes an important discovery. 

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