Princess–Architect Clare and the Valuable Design

When her father, the king, realizes that the royal kitchen is crumbling, Princess–Architect Clare uses her creative design skills, as well as problem-solving and organization skills, to help rebuild the kitchen with the right materials and the right plan for the task at hand.

Princess–Accountant Jillian and the Money Map

In this book, Princess–Accountant Jillian helps her father, the king, track the money he has spent after he does not have enough money at the store. By being diligent, trustworthy, and organized, Princess–Accountant Jillian uses her math skills to help the king come up with an organized budget map.

Princess-Speechwriter Tori and the Grand Speech

The king is asked to come to Princess-Speechwriter Tori’s school to say a few words, but doesn’t know what to say! Princess-Speechwriter Tori is inquisitive, thoughtful, and articulate, asking lots of good questions, and she helps her father, the king, to be a great communicator by being a great listener.

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